Cheap Wedding Music Ideas

wedding music ideas

Regardless of whether you are having a religious or civil ceremony, music will undoubtedly feature at some point during the service. Below are the main times during your wedding day when you may choose to have music playing, followed by ideas on how to have the songs you want without blowing your budget.

You will probably require some prelude music for your guests to listen to whilst they await the start of the wedding ceremony. Prelude music really sets the tone for your wedding, so if you wish your guests to remain fairly quiet and contemplative before your ceremony starts you may choose classical music. If you are hoping for a more informal atmosphere you might like to choose contemporary songs.

The processional is the music which the bride walks down the aisle to. Traditionally it is the Bridal Chorus by Richard Wagner (think ‘dum-dum-de-dum’) but you may prefer an alternative song. Whatever music you choose remember to take your time as you walk down the aisle and smile! All eyes will be on you!

wedding music During the ceremony you may have hymns (if you are having a religious ceremony) or you may like to have a soloist perform an instrumental or perhaps play a song which is special to you both.

The recessional is the music which is played at the end of the ceremony as the newlyweds exit. Hopefully by now all of your nerves will have disappeared and you will want a song to express your happiness and help to get the reception of to a joyous start.

You may like to have music playing during your wedding breakfast, and of course you will probably need music for your evening ‘do and disco – not forgetting your first dance!

So with all this wedding music to organize here are some ideas to help you have the music you want whilst also keeping costs down

wedding transparent Ask to hear ‘live’ musicians play before the big day
If you are having a religious ceremony there may be a church organist which you can use for a nominal charge or donation to the church. Don’t be afraid to ask to hear them play before your big day.

An out-of-tune organist could really spoil your big entrance into the church. Likewise with any other live musicians which may be playing at your wedding.