Diamond Jewelry – A Woman’s Guide

diamond jewelry

#1- I have written most of this from the perspective of engagement rings… a ring with a larger center diamond. This may or may not be your interested in buying a diamond, but the concept to buy loose diamonds holds up no matter what your intentions.

#2- If you do buy loose diamonds from an online diamond retailer there is the consideration that you will have to set the diamonds into some kind of mounting. The online diamond retailers do offer mountings when you buy loose diamonds from them. Here’s a list of reputable diamond stores where you can begin your search with.

Local jewelry stores will set your diamond but you should shop around… you will want a jeweler that knows what they are doing. A few jewelers don’t understand the Internet, and if you come in with something you got off of the Internet, they might try to find something wrong with it…. they might try to scare you by telling you that buying diamonds from the Internet is always risky…. they want to muddy the water so people will only come to them for diamond jewelry or loose diamonds.

#3- If you buy loose diamonds it does become important that you stick with grading reports that are “above question”…. namely, reports from GIA or AGS, or GCAL. It means that you will pay a bit more but in the long run it is for your piece of mind.

Some diamond retailers, online and local, will try to tell you that their grading reports are “just as good” as GIA diamond grading reports because they studied Gemology at GIA and got their GG degree.

GIA (the Gemological Institute of America) taught them how to grade diamonds “the GIA way”! But unfortunately it’s just not the same!…. I went to GIA, I got my GG, and I even was a Diamond Instructor at GIA but I would never think that any diamond grading report that I might come up with would be the equivalent to a diamond grading report from one of those labs.

#4- Always try to work with local jewelers…. they offer services that online diamond retailers can’t even dream of offering. They may come close or match prices that are offered from online diamond retailers but you will have to consider if it is worth it to you if the local jeweler’s services warrant the additional prices.

#5- If you are doing some investigation on your own because you are in a relationship and it looks like you are close to an engagement…. so some diamond jewelry could be in your future.