Photo Booth 101

wedding photo booth

Rounding Out The Entertainment.

The DJ has been wrapped up and you’re thinking about what else could keep your guests entertained throughout the night. A popular past time that is making a comeback is the photo booth. Photo booths used to be just in the mall but now they’ve become portable. You can get a photo booth for any special event, and they help bring out the childish side of guests and compliment the energetic atmosphere of weddings.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind when looking for a photo booth:


Style becomes very important. Some booths are enclosed with a curtain, others are an open style with only a backdrop and some companies can do both.
Do you want to have your photos uploaded to the internet at the event? With this idea, guests can take photo and post them online to any social media site right afterwards.

Can the booth do video as well? Some couples want to get two for one and will opt for a photo and video booth. This way they can cut down on costs and the number of vendors they have to coordinate.

Copies of the photos. Some companies will send you a CD with all the photos. There is also an option to place the photos in an online gallery so that guests can go online and check out how everyone else looked in their pictures.


Does the booth come with a host or attendant or anyone at all? These ideas are very different. A host will do much more to assure your guests are getting the most out of the photo booth experience. Companies will provide hosts for the entire event to make sure the guests understand how to use the booth. These hosts will entertain, delight and deliver exceptional quality and service.


Do you want unlimited prints? If ten guests enter, then ten photos will be printed out; one for each person in the photo.

A memory book is a popular extra. This is where a copy of each photo is placed into a scrap book and the guests can sign next to their photos and leave special note for the couple.

Do you need escort cards, bookmarks, signs, save the dates, thank you cards or magnetic sleeves? These options let you be in charge of each option every step of the way. It helps to bring the theme of your special day together.

Props. It’s a photo booth! Who doesn’t want funny hats, glasses, and mustaches?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many people can we fit inside the photo booth?

A: Depending on size and style: any where from 1 to 10 or however many faces a group can get into the frame.

Q: Does the booth come with a host?

A: Quality photo booths come with an experienced host to interact and entertain your guests.

Q: Can guests choose color scheme?

A: Yes. On most booths guests get to choose between color, black and white, or sepia.

Q: How many photos are my guests allowed to take?

A: Unlimited photos.

Q: What time does the booth arrive at my event?

A: Booths should arrive early enough to be set up before guests arrive.

Q: Are there any limitations to where a booth can go?

A: The photo booths are only limited by power and size. If you’ve got the space and an outlet, the booth will be there.