Sending Out Thank You Cards


Appreciation should move you to send out thank you cards promptly. The suggested amount of time is two to four weeks after your wedding. Of course, some honeymooners are just getting back at this time. Make sure you get them out as soon as possible.

Don’t procrastinate, because many may find it rude that you have waited so long, or gift-givers may think you have forgotten. If this task seems overwhelming, write a few cards each day. Set a goal of ten or fifteen per day for yourself. Completing a certain amount of written cards every day will allow you to express yourself freely for each gift.

Remember to list the actual gift you received, and describe how it made you feel. Be specific. A bridesmaid or maid of honor could be given the assignment of writing down a name, and the corresponding gift while at your shower.

This way when you write thank you cards in the future, you will be able to recall easily what was given to you. You want to especially show your gratitude to those who have traveled to your wedding and reception. Don’t forget certain people such as the clergyman, musicians, wedding party, friends and family that assisted you, and especially your parents!

A handwritten is the most person way to send your cards. If you need examples of proper wording, you can look online. Some brides have received thank you cards as shower gifts. You can find inexpensive thank you cards in packages of eight or ten.

Take these cards, and then personalize each by handwriting your own special message. Add another personal touch, and insert a wedding photo, or your new address card. Doing this adds a special touch to show that you put time and thought into expressing your gratitude.

If you decide to get thank you cards that match your invitations, the style of your wedding, or your personalities, you can look online or go to a professional. Choose from traditional, ornamental, or contemporary styles. All of these are elegant, and some of the foil-stamped cards are very impressive. Whatever style you decide to use, the sooner you start writing your thank you cards the better!