Your Wedding Day Groove: Hiring a Wedding DJ

wedding dj music

The music you play on your wedding can contribute a lot to the success of the occasion. Thus, you have to give serious thought to the music you will use to set the right and desired mood. This article will guide you through hiring a wedding DJ.

When to start looking

Wedding DJs are commonly in demand. The best in the industry are usually booked solid from half a year to more than a year. This means that you have to begin looking the moment you decide to get married. If you want the best, you have to book one at least six months in advance. This means that ideally, you have to begin looking for a DJ at least a year before you actually get married.

Where to begin looking

You do not have any dearth of choices. There are a lot of DJs out there. Ask your friends, family, officemates and acquaintances for DJ referrals. Look at the phone book for somebody near you. You can also make use of the internet’s web directories or search engine queries.

What to look for

Most horror wedding stories center on the DJ not making an appearance or canceling at the last minute. The first consideration in choosing a DJ, therefore, is demonstrable professionalism and reliability. Of course you’d want a talented DJ, but talent should only come after the first two considerations. A talented DJ who does not show up for your wedding will not do you much good.

When you call a DJ for an appointment and your calls do not get answered or returned, move on to the next DJ on your list. That DJ who cannot be reached may be too busy to accommodate you or may simply be someone who doesn’t wish to be disturbed. You certainly don’t want a DJ you can’t be sure to reach when necessary.

Aside from always being available, your DJ should also present you a contract where the services he provides are written in black and white. A DJ who has a contract is more likely to be present at your wedding than those who don’t. A contract is a good indicator of professional behavior.

Finally, you should look for a DJ that carries your type of songs and is willing to help you draw up your list of songs for every part of the ceremony and reception. Among those DJs who passed the reliability and professionalism grade, choose one with the most talent.